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Shower enclosures from SanSwiss

+Product category (Shower enclosures)
+Door type (Pivot door, outside and inside opening)
  • Pivot door, outside and inside opening
  • Sliding door, two parts
  • Sliding door, four parts
+Profile color (White)
+Model range
Bathroom renovation is not the most pleasant or the cheapest undertaking, so it is usually done with the hope that the bathroom will serve for many years. That’s why we need to clearly specify our needs and make sure that the equipment is ergonomic. One of the elements that definitely needs a closer look is the shower enclosure. A pivot door model will be the solution used in many cases.

Pivot door shower enclosures - functional and durable

One of the most important advantages of pivot door shower enclosures is a wide opening. This provides maximum convenience, which will be especially appreciated by parents with small children who need help while bathing, as well as the elderly and mobility impaired persons who need more freedom of movement. Outward opening doors are recommended especially for spacious bathrooms, as they require a lot of space when opened. For smaller bathrooms, on the other hand, enclosures with doors that open outwards and inwards are a good option. We can choose them even if there isn’t much space around the enclosure.

When planning to purchase a shower enclosure, it is worth focusing on models made of durable materials that will serve for a long time. SanSwiss pivot door shower enclosures are just that. All the panes, including doors, are made of durable tempered glass, and their surface is covered with a special AQUAPERLE coating.