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Square shower trays - SanSwiss models

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Opting for a shower unit comes with many advantages. It takes up less space than a bathtub, bathing is faster and water consumption is lower. However, when choosing a shower enclosure we also need to remember about a matching shower tray. A square shower tray is a natural choice for a square shower enclosure. You can find it in the SanSwiss offer.

Quality of SanSwiss square shower trays

Bathroom renovation is costly, so every investor thinks about its long-term use. For this reason, we need to focus on high-quality equipment from the beginning, and it also applies to the shower trays. Choosing SanSwiss products, we can be sure that they will serve us for years. Conglomerate square shower trays are a combination of marble and polyester. As a result, they are durable and resistant as much as stone shower trays, and at the same time they have as pleasant and warm feel as the acrylic shower trays. Such a mix of advantages makes these shower trays meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. In addition, each model is covered with Gelcoat coating. We also have models with an additional anti-slip coating, which makes it even safer to use.

Square shower trays that meet your expectations

Shower trays should be above all functional, additionally the SanSwiss models are elegant and stylish. They vary in terms of design, and can have a linear or point drain. Dimensions can also be various; for example, there are square shower trays for smaller enclosures that measure 800 × 800mm, whereas a 1,000 × 1,000mm shower tray is suitable for a larger shower enclosure.

One of the characteristics of this type of shower trays is that they are ultra-slim and almost meet the floor level. This translates not only into greater comfort of use, but also into appearance. Such a minimalist and light square shower tray will look splendid in a contemporary bathroom. Besides, with its small size it visually enlarges the space, which is especially important in smaller spaces.