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Bathroom equipment - SanSwiss products

It’s not every day that we renovate our bathroom. Thus, when planning it’s worth deciding on bathroom equipment that on one hand would be functional and on the other, beautiful. SanSwiss products meet both these requirements.
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Shower enclosures

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Bath screens

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MODUL 1400
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SanSwiss is a manufacturer with a few decades of experience in the industry. Its shower trays and shower enclosures bring satisfaction to customers in 18 European countries. By choosing SanSwiss bathroom products you can be sure that your interior space will gain high-quality equipment. Every product has a trendy and elegant design. They are also durable, ergonomic, and provide the comfort of use for many years. A wide range of shower enclosures and shower trays makes it possible to match them to bathrooms arranged in any style. They will work well both in a small bathroom in a block of flats as well as in a vast bathing space.

Products for every bathroom

Every bathroom needs to be equipped with a bathtub or a shower. When browsing through SanSwiss offer, we can find equipment that would satisfy both lovers of long baths, as well as those who prefer a quick dip. Those who have a bathtub should also consider getting a bath screen as it comes in useful. Their design allows to mount them on nearly every bathtub.

If, on the other hand, the decor calls for a shower enclosure, it is worth reviewing doorless walk-in shower enclosures, as well as modular cabins and four-panel cabins. When choosing a shower enclosure, we should think about whether it would have a tray and what kind it would be. Shower trays the manufacturer has in its offer are in various shapes and sizes, and at the same time, they are flat and stylish, which makes them look stunning in any interior space.

Modern design that will fit any bathroom

Regardless of the type of shower enclosure or screen a customer chooses, the product size can be customized. What’s more, the glass used can have different look; it can be frosted, sanitized, or patterned. The whole shower enclosure can be made of a smooth and minimalist pane, or the panels can be separated by profiles. All this to ensure that the bathroom equipment meets all expectations in terms of visual and functional aspects.