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Walk-in - modern shower

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SanSwiss Walk-in Showers - shower enjoyment without compromise

A walk-in shower enclosure is another name for an open enclosure. This proposal has been popular for quite a long time now, and it appears every time more often in modern bathrooms, where style, ergonomics, and comfort count. Enclosures of this type are placed in both small and spacious bathrooms.

Walk-in shower enclosures

A shower enclosure is much more practical than a bathtub, which is why it has been much more popular for years. A shower can look different in each bathroom since the shape, the installation method and the size of the shower tray is different. One of the trendiest variants in recent years is a walk-in enclosure.

Modern shower enclosures are not just functional, they are also very elegant. Their modern design makes us look at them as a decoration. They are an amazing decoration for the bathroom. The most popular option in recent years is the walk-in enclosures. What distinguishes them from traditional shower enclosures is the lack of doors. Depending on the bathroom decor and the size of the shower enclosure, the shower screen can consist of one large glass pane or two or three panels of glass.

Why opt for a walk-in shower?

Not without reason are the walk-in showers normally installed in modern bathrooms characterized by minimalism. In such interior spaces, one appreciates the economy of form and the use of glass, and the shower screen is just that. The interior space equipped with it will be stylish and elegant. It will delight with its design. A smooth glass pane makes the arrangement look light and optically enlarges the interior, which is especially important in small bathrooms. Although walk-in enclosures look wonderful, it is not the only reason why it is worth investing in this solution.

Advantages of walk-in shower screens

The first thing one pays attention to when it comes to walk-in showers is their unique design. This type of enclosure is elegant, eye-catching and emphasizes the character of the bathroom. At the same time, it is a versatile product and works well with different decorations. Even if, after some time, the investor decided to carry out an extensive renovation, the shower glass in the bathroom will remain and will look as amazing as new.

Apart from the numerous visual qualities, there are also other advantages to it. First of all, a walk-in shower enclosure combines functionality with comfort. Lack of doors and handles means that there are fewer hard-to-reach nooks and crannies that are difficult to keep clean. The installation of the shower enclosure itself is very easy, and we do not need to go through a general renovation to replace a regular shower enclosure with a walk-in enclosure.

A major advantage is the convenience of use. Getting in and out of the shower is much more comfortable. Lack of threshold and doors means that it is not only more convenient and offers more space, but it is also safer. Thus, a shower screen is something that the elderly, people with mobility problems, and parents with small children would appreciate.

Design and durability - shower enclosures manufactured by SanSwiss

A bathroom with a walk-in shower will be impressive provided the enclosure is of high quality, made by a reputable manufacturer. That is why it is worth taking a look at SanSwiss products.

It is a walk-in enclosures manufacturer with years of experience in the industry. Its products need to meet strict rules. They are characterized by high durability and excellent appearance. A wide selection of products and freedom of their configuration makes it easier for the customers to choose an enclosure that perfectly matches the entire decor.

As you browse through the catalog, you will find walk-in enclosures in many different varieties. There are several regular series: PUR, CADURA, TOP-LINE S, FUN, and EASY. They differ in general design, with some models featuring only a smooth glass pane, while others have visible profiles accentuating the enclosure.

Moreover, SanSwiss has prepared several variants of glass within each series. The glass can be transparent, but it can also be decorated with a satin stripe or a subtle pattern. When it comes to enclosures with visible profiles separating glass panels, you can adjust their color according to your expectations. They can be silver, white or black.

Increased cleaning convenience

SanSwiss is a manufacturer that has taken care of shower screens in every aspect. One of the reasons why doubts arise as to whether walk-in shower enclosures are worth consideration is their cleaning. A glass pane looks good when it is shiny and smooth without watermarks. When it comes to an ordinary glass pane, drops settle on the glass and unaesthetic deposits begin to show. In the case of SanSwiss walk-in showers, this problem has been eliminated. Each pane is covered with special AQUAPERLE glass-coating. It is a protective polymer coating that makes water stream down in the form of single drops. Much less sediment is deposited on the surface, so cleaning is easier compared to ordinary glass.