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When looking through shower enclosures, we can easily notice that many of them are not only a practical piece of bathroom equipment, but they also introduce a sort of variety. They can be a decoration and emphasize the character of the arrangement. For those looking for unusual solutions, a good suggestion may be a pentagonal shower enclosure. SanSwiss offers pentagon shower trays, which perfectly complement such an enclosure. Its functionality and appearance will satisfy even the most demanding investors.

Advantages of pentagonal shower trays

A pentagon shower tray is worth considering if we want to place the enclosure in a corner. Its shape and location allows maximum use of space. This is especially important in smaller bathrooms, but this option is worth taking into account also in larger bathrooms only because a pentagonal shower tray is very original; it will catch everyone’s attention and will be an interesting decoration of the interior.

Pentagon shower trays from SanSwiss

SanSwiss also offers pentagonal shower trays. The size of shower tray models with a point drain located in the corner is 900 × 900mm. All SanSwiss shower trays are conglomerate trays, which are a combination of marble and polyester. They are very durable and resistant to mechanical damage, and at the same time convenient to use and elegant. In addition, they are covered with Gelcoat coating, which further improves their parameters. Pentagonal shower trays can have an anti-slip coating, eliminating the risk of slipping and falling. Their distinctive feature is that they are low, so they almost meet the floor level.