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Shower enclosures from SanSwiss

+Product category (Shower enclosures)
+Door type (Swing door, outside opening)
  • Pivot door, outside opening
  • Swing door, outside opening
  • Swing door, outside and inside opening
  • Sliding door, two parts
+Profile color
+Glass finish
+Model range
One of the most important pieces of bathroom equipment is the shower enclosure. Looking through our offer, we can find enclosures that vary in dimensions, opening type and design. Each type of shower cubicle has its own advantages, and the variant that is chosen depends on the design and the size of the bathroom, as well as on the taste of the household members. One of the products available in the SanSwiss offer is a quadrant shower enclosure, which is a very popular choice among our customers.

What are the characteristics of a quadrant shower enclosure?

A quadrant shower cubicle has a more subtle appearance than a square or rectangular enclosure. It is elegant and modern, and will definitely help accentuate the design of a contemporary bathroom. It also allows to improve the ergonomics of a small bathroom and the freedom of use thanks to its rounded base. There is a lot of space inside the shower unit, which increases the comfort of use.

Each quadrant shower enclosure made by SanSwiss is characterized by stylish design and high-quality materials used in its production. The quadrant shower cubicles have magnetic seals to prevent water from escaping. Easy cleaning has also been taken into consideration. That’s why the enclosure is covered with Aquaperle coating, which prevents water droplets from settling on the glass, and thus prevents the formation of unsightly and difficult to clean stains.

Variety of quadrant shower enclosures in the SanSwiss offer

A quadrant enclosure can be framed, partially framed or frameless, and there are models with profiles available in various colors. A quadrant shower enclosure can also have different systems of opening the door. It can be two-piece, two-piece with side panel, one-piece, one-piece with side panel or sliding.

As the size and the layout of each space is different, a wide range of standard sizes is available, and we also offer customized enclosures. Depending on the model you choose, the standard width of a quadrant shower enclosure can be 800, 900 or 1,000mm, its radius 500 or 550mm, and the standard height 2,000mm. Customized width can range from 750 to 1,200mm.