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Conditions for complaints about SanSwiss products


  1. 2 years for shower enclosures.
  2. 2 years for solid marble shower trays (Marblemate and ILA) and acrylic shower trays.
  3. The warranty period is counted from the date of the product sale by RONAL Bathrooms sp. z o.o.
  4. The basis for examining the complaint is a valid warranty card together with a document confirming the purchase.
  5. Product defects (cabins, shower trays) revealed during the warranty period shall be removed by SANSWISS service within 30 working days from the date of written notification to RONAL Bathrooms sp. z o.o. In justified cases, due to the scope of identified defects, the repair period may be extended.
  6. The warranty covers the properly installed goods in accordance with the attached assembly instructions.


  1. 1. The warranty does not cover the following:1. Mechanical damage of the product (cracks, bends, scratches, etc.) caused by improper use of the product.2. Parts subject to wear and tear during normal use,3. Maintenance, cleaning and adjustment of the product,4. Defects and damages caused by:
    1. Mechanical damage of the product (cracks, bends, scratches, etc.) caused by improper use of the product.vParts subject to wear and tear during normal use,
    2. Maintenance, cleaning and adjustment of the product,
    3. Defects and damages caused by:
      • installation not in accordance with the installation instructions,
      • making independent repairs and alterations,
      • the precipitation of sediments from the water,
      • inadequate care of the products, e.g. the use of inappropriate chemicals for cleaning,
      • improper use of the product, i.e. incompatible with the instructions for use and the intended use of the product.
  2. We provide the warranty referred to above under condition that the maintenance rules specified in this data sheet are strictly observed.
  3. Before installation, the product must be checked for completeness and possible damage resulting from transport or storage not in accordance with the technical requirements, as well as the installed panes (glass) must be carefully checked. Any damage noticed before the installation should be complained about before the start of the installation.
  4. The cabin must be carefully inspected within 30 days since the purchase, otherwise the right to claim for incompleteness and possible damage in transit expires (this does not apply to hidden defects).
  5. We shall not be liable for any damage arising during installation and found to have occurred after installation (except for hidden defects). We shall also not bear the costs of the installation and dismantling of the cabin if the damage is discovered after the installation and could be detected immediately and easily.
  6. Any defects found must be reported at the place of purchase of the goods.
  7. Defects or damage to the goods found by Customer during operation shall be repaired within the warranty period within a period not exceeding 14 days from the date of complaint to SanSwiss Polska.
  8. The basis for processing the complaint is the proof of purchase, the warranty card and the warranty voucher, sealed at the point of sale, with the model and article number of the goods, the date of sale and the signature of the Customer confirming acceptance of the warranty terms of the purchased goods.
  9. The customer has the right to replace the goods with a new one if:
    • the defect cannot be removed,
    • during the warranty period, 3 repairs of the same component confirmed with a warranty voucher or a service protocol have been made and the repaired goods still show defects preventing their use in accordance with their intended use.
  10. The customer loses the warranty in case of failure to notify the seller of the defect within 2 months from the discovery of the defect.
  11. Call and arrival of the service in completely unjustified situations will result in charging the Customer with the costs of travel and repair.